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Build a love that lasts. 

Relationships are complex

Have you and your partner experienced the best of times and are now feeling like it’s only the worst of times? I completely understand. When relationships are in uncharted territory, you feel like you have no guide to support your journey.

Research shows that happily married couples have better mental and physical health, a longer life expectancy and are more financially stable. The benefits are real. The current high rate of divorce is evidence that the challenges of maintaining a healthy relationship are also real.

So how do we change?

Therapy provides you with the guidance needed to make a lasting commitment and create happiness in your relationship. Couples in healthy relationships know that it requires more than just improved communications skills. Relationship counseling is a journey of self-discovery. And it can be a powerful thing when combined with a shared relationship goal.

What is my approach to relationship counseling?

My passion is helping couples regain love and joy. We start by learning about your relationship, childhood, your hopes and dreams for your relationship, and your goals for our work together.

I utilize traditional psychotherapy, attachment and bonding modalities such as Emotional Focused Therapy and the Gottman Method as well as current cutting edge modalities such as Accelerated Resolution Therapy, Brainspotting, and Mindfulness.

Gottman Method

He’s got the spirit of a scientist and the soul of a romantic.” – Newsweek, on John Gottman

John Gottman has studied all facets of relationships for over four decades. His Gottman Method is based on the findings of this research, interventions, strategies and tools designed to support healthy relationships and deeper commitment.

What if there is infidelity?

It’s a challenge, but relationships can survive infidelity by working beyond just forgiveness. Most people think of affairs as an intimate relationship outside of marriage, but they can also be excessive time outside of the main relationship. Spending time with friends, sports, hobbies, kids, or work that is a detriment to the primary relationship can all be considered infidelity. Relationships require an investment of time and effort. We will work to understand how the issues developed and what changes need to happen to restore trust. Both individuals have work to do, but we can do it together.

People I work with

Everyone can benefit from relationship counseling. I welcome:

Couples in Crisis

Couples Dealing with Truama/Infidelity

Military Couples

PreMarital Couples