Brain spotting

Creating rapid and powerful change.

Brainspotting - Focused Change Counseling

About Brainspotting

We only have so much energy to give every day. Spending any of it on anxiety, depression, grief or trauma can significantly hinder our ability to enjoy relationships or accomplish goals.

Brainspotting, developed by Dr. David Grand, is a valuable resource in creating rapid and powerful change, restoring our life energy and freeing us to live better lives.

Where we look affects how we feel. Brainspotting assists in locating a spot in the visual field which can access unprocessed trauma, especially in the subcortical part of the brain. Brainspotting aids the therapist in locating, tapping into and harnessing the body’s natural self-scanning and self-healing ability.

David Grand, PhD

Performers, artists, and athletes utilize Brainspotting to enhance their natural abilities because it’s very useful in strengthening creativity and resilience.

Working with another therapist? No problem. Continue your work with them as you pursue Brainspotting with me to focus on trauma or other barriers that keep you from moving ahead.

If you’d like to know more about Brainspotting, here are a few helpful links. But the best way to understand it is to experience it for yourself. Call me for a free consultation and we’ll talk about how it might help you deal with relationship issues, anxiety, depression, childhood wounds, trauma or PTSD.

Bio-Lateral Music

SOOTHING      •      CALMING      •      REGULATING  

Research tells us that bio-lateral music lights up all areas in the brain and can be a helpful aid in Brainspotting. In his book, “This Is Your Brain on Music,” Dr. Daniel Levitin explains that listening to music involves subcortical structures and auditory cortices on both sides of the brain. Bio-lateral music calms the subcortical, where trauma is held, and distracts the neocortical brain.

While Brainspotting is effective without the music, bio-lateral music crosses the barrier between the right and left hemispheres, gently traveling from one side of the brain to the other. This grounds you in calmness for better integration and interpretation of the Brainspotting process.

Free bio-lateral music is available at Apple music, Spotify, iTunes, Pandora or Amazon Prime by searching for David Grand, Bio-lateral Sound or by visiting

Download the music to a mobile device prior to your session, bring earbuds or headphones and lower the volume so that you can hear the music, but also hear my voice from your computer speakers.